Mission Statement

At Dutton Farm, we firmly believe that every person has the right to equal opportunities, meaningful work, and a right to make their own decisions.  We are committed to advocating and assisting individuals with unique abilities to live full and satisfying lives and to reach their ultimate potential in achieving their dreams. 


We believe In: Treating EVERY individual with dignity and seeing them as inherently valuable.
We Believe In: Providing safe and loving environment that promotes spiritual and personal growth and an opportunity to learn and have success.
We Believe In: Assisting our farmers to engage in meaningful work where they feel they have a purpose and are needed.
We Believe In: Engaging in Positive Relationships that will promote a life of Partnership, Dignity and Contentment.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve individuals with a mental, physical or emotional impairment ages 10 and up through our Day Program. We also provide support, comfort and practical help to their families and case workers.


Dutton Farm’s mission incorporates three primary goals:

  1. To provide a QUALITY Vocational and Daily Living Skills program to individuals with a variety of special needs to be productive and active members of the community.
  2. To promote a safe environment that fosters spiritual, emotional, physical and mental growth.
  3. To inspire our community to embrace all individuals with disabilities without stigmas or skepticism.

Some of the areas we focus on include:

  1. Meaningful Work
  2. Building positive relationships through socialization
  3. Safety
  4. Health and Well Being
  5. Spiritual Care
  6. Community Involvement
  7. Adult Daily Living Skills
  8. Vocational Skills
  9. Partnership

Fun Facts

Dutton Farm was formalized in 2010
Dutton Farm currently serves approximately 150 farmers per month
Dutton Farm was founded and is currently operated by a mother and daughter
Dutton Farm was founded in honor of the Director’s daughter who has Down Syndrome
Dutton Farm serves individuals with impairments in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties


Dutton Farm is a not for profit organization that serves people in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties with physical, mental or emotional impairments to enhance their lives, bring support to their families and inspire our community. Dutton Farm is dedicated to serving the disabled community to reach their full potential and find unconditional acceptance, communion with others and overall satisfaction. Our individualistic approach focuses on each person as individuals. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” method. We firmly believe that each individual has gifts and talents that can be contributed to our society and we are dedicated to finding and cultivating each person’s gifts. We tailor our program to each individual’s need, because their success is our priority. Through our individualistic and holistic approach to our Vocational training, Independent Living Skill training, recreational activities, socialization, on site employment opportunities, community integration and advocacy, citizens with disabilities are able to better live in partnership, with dignity and contentment.

Dutton Farm was formalized in 2010 by Jim and Michele Smither and their daughter Jeanette in honor of Rebecca Smither who is Jim and Michele’s daughter and Jeanette’s sister. They were seeking to create a comprehensive program that would be a better alternative for the disabled community than what was currently available. We now serve at least 150 individuals monthly.

Dutton Farm is made possible, not only from the hard work of its founders, but because of citizens in our community that recognize the importance in accepting and believing in and supporting their neighbor with disabilities.