We are on a mission to celebrate, educate, and employ people with special needs.


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Provider of the Year Award - 2018 by The ARC of Oakland County

Employer of the Year Award – 2017 by the National Down Syndrome Congress

The Best of MichBusiness Non Profit Beacon Award – 2017

Best Business Float Winner – 2016

Charity of Choice for Mrs. Michigan United States Christina Marie Lee

At Dutton Farm, we firmly believe that every person has the right to equal opportunities, meaningful work, and a right to make their own decisions.  We are committed to advocating and assisting individuals with unique abilities to live full and satisfying lives and to reach their ultimate potential in achieving their dreams.  We work with school districts, private employers, and state agencies and other community resources to offer the highest quality and most individualistic plan to meet the individual where they are at and assisting them to get where they want to go.  There are 5 steps that we offer to individuals enrolled in our program.  Each person enrolls initially in our skill building program, and after a certain time frame and thorough assessments are able to make the decision to move through Skill Building Assistance, Job Training, Dutton Farm Employment, Job Coaching/Supported Employment, and Independent Employment with Natural Supports, if they choose.