faith works pic
Faith Works of Rochester has completed another outstanding project for the betterment of our community. Faith Works is a certified non profit organization whose mission is to serve God by volunteering to assist people in need. We gather together, in the name of Jesus, to support one another while we support those less fortunate in the communities in which we live. Their vision is to develop a network of ongoing, Christian-based relationships, through serving where ever we are called to work on various construction and general repair or assistance projects.
The most recent project completed by Faith Works has been for Dutton Farm, which is also a non profit organization whose mission is to celebrate, educate and employ adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Dutton Farm is privileged to provide job training and employment to over 500 adults each year. “One of the avenues in which we are able to provide employment is through our on site gift shop. Faith Works has built us a beautifyul and practical portable market stand that we can pull up closer to the road so that we can attract more customers and therefore further our mission. We are incredibly grateful for their service.”
For more information on either of these organizations, please visit their websites at