It’s been nearly 43 years since we started on this journey in the world of disabilities. We’ve experienced every possible emotion; from grief to joy, from fear to courage but the one emotion that stands out to me is loneliness.
Parenting a special needs child is lonely – lonely in the school system, lonely in the medical community (with the exception of a few), lonely in athletics and lonely in the church. I can only speak from my experience but it is difficult to watch your child be left out of most typical experiences that most people take for granted like birthday parties, school plays, athletic teams, and youth groups.
As parents we learn to create our own experiences for our children, teens and young adults and now, in my case, older adults.
At Dutton Farm we are doing this in many ways: employment, living skills, social events, birthday parties, and athletics. Our upcoming Dutton Farm basketball game gives the Farmers the opportunity to experience the excitement of playing basketball or cheerleading in front of a crowd. Hearing the cheers and experiencing the excitement of the crowd just for them is music to their ears, as it would be for anyone else. To top it off it is on the floor of The Palace of Auburn Hills.
Please consider purchasing a ticket and coming out to the game. You would be such an encouragement to The Farmers team and you will truly enjoy the game. Their joy and excitement is contagious!
The game is February 4 at 2:00 at The Palace of Auburn Hills. You can purchase tickets on our website at You also get a ticket to a Pistons game with your purchase.
– Michele Smither