As my daughter and her friends get older I see a recurring emotion in their family unit, “What will happen to my adult/child when I’m gone?” When you have been caring for a person for 40, 50, sometimes 60 years, sometimes singlehandedly, this is a terrifying question. If my daughter did not have siblings that love her deeply and would and are able to take excellent care of her it would be a terrifying question to me as well. I have known mothers that have left a hospital bed to meet with people to request care for their special needs adult/child when they are given a terminal diagnosis. Beyond all else, this is the most important task on their mind. Many families have no other children to rely on, or their other children live out of the area or are not in a position to help. Some people just live in denial and think they will outlive their child so they choose not to think about it at all. I know people in their 80’s who are still caring for a special needs child that is a senior citizen too. They have made no arrangements but continue to do their loving parental duties every single day. It is just too painful for them to address this topic. If you do inquire about a group home there is usually a 20 year waiting list -and with all the budget cuts there are not very many new homes opening up. Most people do not have the means to purchase a home and staff it and maintain it. My prayer is that we can come along side these families and help with this great need. If churches, community groups and charitable organizations came together and worked toward quality housing for these individuals, it would make a difference in the lives of everyone involved. At Dutton Farm we are hoping and praying that in the future, as funding permits we can be a part of the solution as well.
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