Life Skills & Job Training

Thank you for considering Dutton Farm. Here are some details about our program.

Skill Building Assistance:  This includes engaging and interactive activities that will improve self-help, social and daily living skills that will directly contribute to a greater overall independence in everyday living in both the home and community.

Job Training: This includes training activities in things like staying on task, building relationships with others and building specific skills in multiple vocational areas to help individuals get ready for employment.

Dutton Farm Employment:  This step includes offering a variety of employment options at Dutton Farm.  We are committed to providing job opportunities to every individual who strives for employment.  If the individual barriers to employment in the community or makes the decision to work at Dutton Farm rather than the community, we work hard to provide employment opportunities at Dutton Farm through Dutton Farm Market.  There are a variety of job opportunities through this employment option for a wide range of ability levels and interest. 

Job Coaching/Supported Employment:  We work to support and help find and maintain paid work in the community.  We provide job Coaches that train, support, motivate and assist individuals with disabilities in their jobs working toward employee independence and inclusion in the workforce.  We work carefully and strategically with multiple employers to ensure the greatest level of inclusion and acceptance and satisfaction throughout this work experience.

Independent Employment with Natural Supports: After a pre-determined time frame discussed with the team along with thorough assessments, we set a goal to move an individual from supported employment to independent employment with natural supports.

We would love to contact you to schedule a tour. During the tour you will see our farm and meet some of the farmers. You’ll also meet with Michele Smither and Jenny Brown to work out the details for the program. Please fill out the form below to schedule a tour.


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