It is always rewarding when your child learns a new skill and even more so when that child has to overcome a disability to learn that skill. That was how I felt when Becca learned to swim.

We have always had a pool and we love to vacation near the water, so it was extremely important for her safety that she knew how to swim. It was not easy to find a teacher as she really needed private lessons from someone who was comfortable with disabilities and could teach swimming (remember this was 40 years ago). She could not keep up with a “typical” age appropriate class. After many inquiries I was able to find a girl to teach her at our local high school. We took her faithfully for about 3 years. The first month or so she wouldn’t even get in the pool. The instructor distracted her with some toys and coaxed her in as we cheered. It took a long time but she eventually got the hang of it and even learned to backstroke and swim underwater! I can still remember watching her swim her first lap across the pool, we were so proud! I can honestly say that swimming is one skill she can do as well as anyone without a disability.

It always amuses me when we are at a beach or hotel and she gets up to jump in. Curious people look at her and then at me. If I’m not looking they will inevitably call me to make sure I see her. Of course, I do. I smile and say “just watch”. She will dive in and swim underwater and do her different strokes and climb out like it’s nothing.

People don’t give her enough credit and are shocked when she does so well. We see that same principle at Dutton Farm all the time. We work on a skill for Daily Living or Job Skills and eventually someone will understand it and after a bit more practice can do it well. The Farmers don’t give up and neither do we!

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