When Becca was elementary school age I had an experience that still sticks with me today. I was at a school event and was chatting with some of the other moms when the subject of birthdays came up. We were sharing the different ways we celebrated our child’s birthday when one of the mothers whose child was profoundly disabled spoke up. “We don’t really celebrate his birthday” she said.

“He doesn’t know either way”. This probably sounds cold to some people but my heart broke for her. True, he wasn’t fully aware but maybe she wasn’t in a place to celebrate yet. I tried to remember his birthday for many years after that to let her know he was cared for.

I want to be mindful of other families in similar situations and not just my own. We need each other and we need to share the love we have for our child with the world. It can be difficult when we experience rejection over and over, we become defensive but we can’t expect the community to care about our child if we don’t lead by example in caring for other people and their children. I liken this to the Bible verse; “you will know them by their love one for another” ( John 13:35).

I firmly believe that we need to care for each other and the children/adults in this community ourselves before we can expect others to do the same. I don’t want to see Down Syndrome or Autism, or CP I want to just see a beautiful individual that is valued and important. I want to pave the way for others to follow.

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