In the past 40 years I have asked myself over and over “how do we get people to care about the special needs population?” And I can finally say that I am beginning to see a shift in the way society treats people with disabilities. I compare it to a ship going full speed in a certain direction and suddenly spotting someone afloat in the sea so they begin to slow down to try to pick them up. It is a slow and deliberate process.

This segment of the population has been left behind in so many areas, areas that most of us take for granted; education, housing, employment, to name a few. The current trend towards “Diversity and Inclusion” for everyone is beginning to include people with disabilities, as well it should. The ship is slowing down and making the turn to pick them up.

I want to believe that Dutton Farm is helping with the progress in this area. We see the strengths and abilities in our Farmers and build on them for their future and the future of others. We have much more in common than we think but we don’t realize it until we get to know them. Dutton Farm is a place of joy and promise and I encourage everyone to come on board and join us!