Staff & Board

Our Founders:

jenny and momJenny Brown & Michele Smither
Jenny Brown, is responsible for managing our day to day activities, contracting with new participants, working directly with agencies, implementing timeline goals and staying within our budget. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and 12 years work experience with mentally, emotionally and physically impaired individuals. Her work experience comes from working as an employee of MORC, where she was a caregiver for 7 different individuals with special needs, as well as Kennedy Center (a center-based program for special education students in the Pontiac School District). During her time at Kennedy Center, she assisted the teachers in educating the students in their Daily Living Skills, Mathematics, Vocational Skills and Physical Education. She also worked directly with the Transitional Coordinator in helping the students graduate to job placement. She also has extensive volunteer work with individuals with disabilities in the Oakland County area. She is a licensed foster parent and has 5 children.
Michele Smither is the Chief Executive Officer of Dutton Farm Program. She is responsible for Dutton Farm’s consistent success of our mission. She has worked with children and adults with all kinds of special needs in Oakland County for over 27 years. Having had a child with Down’s syndrome of her own, she has firsthand experience on being the parent of a child with a disability. She is well known for her high standards and consistency throughout all of the major agencies in Oakland County, including: MORC, ARC, Natural Freedom, Expert Care, Easter Seals and Lutheran Family Services. During her tenure, she has implemented 3 church programs, provided exceptional care for over 40 individuals with special needs, provided a loving home for over 20 foster children and adopted 6 children along with having 6 children biologically. In 1997, she, along with her husband, was awarded Family of the Year by Judson Center for their generosity and deep compassion for disadvantaged children. She is a woman that has always advocated for the needs of those without a voice and continues to do so here at Dutton Farm.

Our Staff

Transportation Specialist:

Debbie Hallett

Community Integration Director:

Amber Sultes

Direct Care Provider:

Katie Hallett

Our Board of Directors:

Michele Smither, President
Jenny Brown, Vice President
Brent Brown, Treasurer
Lori Randolph
Heather Sinawi
Laura Kozerski

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